Skills programmes form a valuable part of learning, as they allow learners to become competent in meaningful modules of learning while at the same time work towards obtaining a solid qualification.

A single unit standard can also form a basis of a skills programme if this required. Since only accredited providers can offer any unit standards-based training – be it for full qualification or for a skills programme of one or more unit – participants know that when investing in the Matimba study route, they are getting a quality, recognised qualification to stand them in good stead.

From our accredited rigging skills development centre, we conduct leading, professionally accredited training.
Training is conducted by highly qualified, experienced and competent individuals who have a collective working experience, throughout South Africa, in the construction and engineering industries.
We offer courses that increase participants’ level of knowledge and understanding of rigging gears inspection, safe rigging procedures and load control. This is relevant for the professional and practical use of almost any vertical or horizontal rigging system.
Our courses ensure a thorough hand-on training experience that includes both comprehensive practical sessions and full exposure to a large range of rigging equipment.
Courses are conducted at our well-equipped premises in Secunda / Embalenhle or at a client venue with relevant training and learning aids.
To support modules, we provide training material or equipment for an off-site training venue when required… which may also be used when a client company does not have the necessary equipment available.
Apprenticeship is an artisan training programme which takes between 2-4 years to complete.
Learners enrolled in this programme must have Maths and science grade 12/ N3 technical subjects.
The course features three role players: the host employer for on the job training, ETQA (seta) for administration and the training centre for institutional training.
On completion of this programme an apprentice has to be prepared and be tested in terms of section 13 manpower training Act of 1981. As a training centre, our role is to host apprentices for institutional training and trade test preparation.

Course Titles



Standard Title:

US Code:



  Lift & move load using manual lifting equipment 253282 2 8
  Inspect, use & care of manual lifting equipment 253282 2 5
  Perform a lifting task using a manual crane 253658 3 7
  Monitor the application of safety, health & environmental 13224 4 4
  Protection procedure 253596 4 6
  Perform a pre-engineering study in order to undertake rigging activities      

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