The Apprenticeship and Learnership system is a well-known technical training system. In order to achieve artisan status, learners enjoy training in both practical and theoretical aspects of designated trades.


The benefits are many…

  • Your company is able to secure a supply of people with the skills and qualities that you require to function and advance – and which are not easily available on the general job market.
  • You open the door to available, skilled young recruits. This is especially important to ensure that an ageing workforce can be replaced and succession planning taken care of.
  • Workers hired on the external labour market come with high recruitment costs – as well as the cost of induction and any training that is required to integrate them into your business. Apprenticeships are much less expensive to recruit and train than experienced workers.
  • Apprenticeships deliver a longer-term solution as they contribute to, and help build, a pool of skilled and certified employees for their relevant industry sector. Your company is able to constantly recruit from this pool into the future.
  • Apprentices mean new blood — bringing new ideas and innovation to the business.
  • Having a good apprenticeship programme in place always reflected well within your industry, helping to enhance your reputation in the local community.

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