Like never before, South Africa faces a crisis of qualified artisans in South Africa. Matimba is committed to finding solutions... From our accredited rigging skills development centre, we conduct leading, professionally accredited training. Matimba Rigging and Training is Registered as an FLC Provider.
" The labour market needs more artisans. Young people need to be developed to fulfil this important role in our economy."    Eddie de Klerk – Vice President, Federation of Unions of SA (Fedusa) – July 2012
Matimba Rigging and Training is committed to making a world of difference by providing accredited professional rigging training to both private and corporate learners.

It’s about equipping individuals with the skills to progress. It’s about proper training in the use of construction equipment – creating a safer, more effective industry.

And it’s about skills development and knowledge growth that can truly empower a nation.



We are dedicated to providing the best quality, accredited, occupational-based professional rigging and training/assessment service to both individual learners and to corporates.

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Our courses ensure a thorough hand-on training experience that includes both comprehensive practical sessions and full exposure to a large range of rigging equipment.

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Skills programmes form a valuable part of learning, as they allow learners to become competent in meaningful modules of learning while at the same time work towards obtaining a solid qualification.

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